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Grass-fed vs Grain-fed

What is the difference? Most of us can't tell the difference between the two, but there is a significant amount of health benefits as to why we should choose grass-fed over grain fed.

First, grass-fed beef is leaner than grain-fed, which means it is lower in calories, contains more healthy omega-3 fats, vitamins A and E, higher levels of antioxidants, and up to seven times the beta carotene.

Secondly, since it's leaner, it also has a beneficial fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that has been tied to improved immunity and anti-inflammation benefits as a 2011 study shows. It is also less likely to contain 'superbugs' - bacteria that have become persistent to three or more classes of antibiotics.

Thirdly, grass-fed animals actually contain less cholesterol-elevating agents and higher levels of cancer fighting antioxidants than those fed grain.

So what's the verdict?

Consider making the switch to grass-fed meat!

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