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Japan is known worldwide for its excellent quality beef. Even if you aren’t a huge foodie, if you have traveled to or are interested in traveling to Japan, you are more than likely to have heard of beef brands like Kobe Beef or Matsuzaka Beef. These beef brands represent the quality of beef that Japan has become known for with its cuts of finely marbled meat with a melt in your mouth texture. However, Kobe Beef and Matsuzaka Beef although famous in Japan too, aren’t considered as the top beef brands of Japan.

Miyazaki Beef is a name only given to cows raised in Miyazaki which meet strict quality standards. The meat from these cows is further graded on a scale from C1 up to A5 which is the highest rank. This grading is universal with all branded beef in Japan.


At a national competition that is held every 5 years and often referred to as the Olympics of Wagyu Beef, Miyazaki Beef won the top prize of the Prime Ministers Award 3 times consecutively. This means Miyazaki Beef held the top spot in Japan for 15 years straight. That is why Miyazaki Beef is so highly regarded within Japan and also why Miyazaki’s calves are chosen by producers of brand cows to be raised in other regions.

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