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Why shop at Lembughini?

Same-day Delivery

We offer same day deliveries except for Sundays.

Hassle-free Returns

We replace items that are defective or damaged.


Certified Halal

We are certified halal by JAKIM MS1500 1045-05/2022

Value for Money

Lembughini Farmilia is your go-to destination for quality meats at competitive prices. 



Our latest best sellers are here to make your home cooking easier and more delicious! Our selection of premium, high-quality meat cuts are now at an affordable price, so you can enjoy the finest flavors without breaking the bank. With our selection, you can now enjoy a variety of meals, from steak to slow-cooked roasts. Shop in the best and start cooking like a pro.

Introducing our wagyu A5 skewers

skewers wagyu
Steak on a Fork

Syed Nassir

The steak cuts were awesome and delicious. Great meat! Will be ordering this coming weekend again!


Jane Fisher

Excellent beef! Will be ordering again soon!

Jeremy Han

We are very satisfied with the meat. Will surely be ordering again from you soon! Thank you so much for the excellent service!

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